RoboBusiness Europe and TUS Expo 2018 will be held in the city of Rotterdam, from 13-15 February. Robo Business Media (RBM) has chosen the WTC Rotterdam as the location of the second International Robotics Week.

The International Robotics Week (IRW) unites a collection of events focused on robotics, artificial intelligence and unmanned systems, making it one of the largest robotics events in the world. This year, the IRW was held in Delft and The Hague. RoboValley is a partner of RBM.

Rotterdam is a ‘logical choice’, says RBM’s co-founder Martijn van Dijk. “Rotterdam’s key business sectors, which include medical, agri-food, cleantech, maritime services and logistics, match up perfectly with the robotics and unmanned systems industries.”

“From the port, to the hospital, to the greenhouse, robotics play an integral part of daily operations in Rotterdam,” says deputy mayor of Rotterdam Maarten Struijvenberg. “Hosting this event in Rotterdam will not only encourage further development of current industries, but also foster the right environment for start-ups seeking to position themselves. We are pleased to be working closely with all the involved parties to make this a success.”

Read more on the website of TUS Expo.